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Centenary 1910-2011
9.30 FOR 10.00 AT BEARSTED GC.

Redlibbets GolfF Club
Winners of the Kent Finals.

Mid Kent lost to Royal Blackheath in the first semi final
Redlibbets  beat Shortlands in the second semi final.

Redlibbets beat Royal Blackheath in the Final.
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The Inter County Finals,
held at Hever Castle GC, Kent
on Thursday 20th July 2017.

First Semi Final:-
Kent (Redlibbets GC) V Middlesex (Arkley GC)
Kent won.
Second Semi Final
Surrey (Coombe Hill) V ( Hampstead GC)
Surrey won.

Winners of the Pearson Trophy for 2016/17
KENT (Redlibbets GC)

The Inter County Finals,
held at Harpenden GC, Hertfordshire
on Wednesday 22nd July 2015.

First Semi Final:-
Surrey (The Wisley GC) V Middlesex (Pinner Hill GC)


Kent (Sittingbourne & Milton Regis GC V Hertfordshire (Moor Park GC)

Surrey beat Middlesex and Hertfordshire beat Kent.

Winners of the Pearson Trophy for 2014/15
Surrey (The Wisley)

Redlibbets GC

Lydia Hoare, Tina Earley, Karen Taylor, Gill Crabb, Annie Idle, Jane Faulty,
Barbara Carpenter, Jan Thompson & Liz Nokes.
Mid Kent GC

Wendy Knight, Annette Fraser, Marilyn Brown, Chris Waghorne, Janis Bourne, Sati Padda, Karen Watkins & reserves Lyn Ager & Aileen Johnson.

Shortlands GC

Sheila Pitt, Paulette Jasquith, Sandra Dyckhoff, Kim Daniel, Jenny Williams, Maggie Collen, Marion Spencer.
Royal Blackheath GC

Eileen Bryce, Xim-Mei Collins, Carol Bingham, Connie Sheridan, Yasmin Ismail,
Jane Brennand- Roper Rhona Pearson  & reserves Caris Morgan & Henrietta de Melo.
The Inter County Finals,
held at Leatherhead GC, Surrey
on Thursday 28th July 2016.

First Semi Final:-
Middlesex (Finchley GC) V Hertfordshire (Moor Park GC)
Hertfordshire beat Middlesex.
Second Semi Final
Surrey (Leatherhead) V Kent (Broke Hill GC)
Surrey beat Kent.

Winners of the Pearson Trophy for 2015/16
Surrey (Leatherhead GC)

Pearson Trophy Finals Day Report for Pearson Trophy 2016-17

For the previous two/three weeks we have had really lovely weather. And Pearson Finals day on 15th June at Rochester and Cobham GC dawned bright and sunny. Perfect weather for golf.

Jackie and I were at Rochester & Cobham bright and early to get ready for the arrival of the four Kent finalists. Mid Kent, Redlibbets, Royal Blackheath and Shortlands. Redlibbets and Mid Kent were the newbies, their first time at finals day. Royal Blackheath last won the trophy in 1984. Rochester & Cobham staff were already there setting up for us. Mandy, the Lady Captain and club manager John arrived shortly after. The Lady Captain did a great job during the day. Acting as starter for the semis and finals. And, arranging the ball spotters. Many thanks to Mandy. A great job.

All the formalities were done. Team lists exchanged, handicaps checked, breakfasts eaten and it was time to start the semi-final at 8:30am. Kent Vice-Captain, Cheryl Power and Kent President, Elaine Tappin were there with their radios to act as referees for the day. The first semi-final was between Mid Kent and Royal Blackheath.  After 9 holes, and the first matches through, Mid Kent were looking very strong with the first three matches going their way. However, Blackheath were hot on their heels with the next 4 matches going to them. The final in the afternoon slot was up for grabs.  Match 1 and a good win for Mid Kent. Match 2 eventually went to Royal Blackheath. Match 3 Royal Blackheath on the 18th. Match 4 all square after 18. It was going to be very close. Match 5 & 6 solid games and wins to Royal Blackheath.  Royal Blackheath were through. 

The second semi-final was between Redlibbets and Shortlands. After 9 holes, Redlibbets were in a very strong position. Up in 6 matches and all square in the 7th.  After 14 holes, there was 1 win to Redlibbets and they were still going strong. Shortlands managed to get 2 matches before Redlibbets secured their 4th and 5th win and a place in the finals against Royal Blackheath.

Lunches were eaten and it was not long before we were off again for the final. Blackheath winning the toss for honour on the 1st at 2pm. The afternoon went as well for Redlibbets as the morning had done. After 9 holes, they were up in six matches, down in one. Redlibbets maintained their pace. Despite Blackheath holding on and getting to all square in a couple of other matches. Match 1 was won by Redlibbets. Match 2 went to the 19th. Win to Redlibbets. Match 3, win to Redlibbets. Match 4 and a win for Blackheath. Matches 5 & 6 were wins to Redlibbets and the final match was called in. Well done and congratulations to Redlibbets in their first championship final.

Thank you to players, caddies, referees Cheryl and Elaine, the Lady Captain Mandy who acted as starter and ball spotters for making it a great day of golf. Thanks also to the spectators and supporters and to Rochester & Cobham GC for hosting the 2016-17 Kent finals.

Good golfing for the rest of the summer.

Juli    Kent Pearson Manager       
Jackie   Kent Deputy Pearson Manager      
15th June 2017.

Redlibbets win the Inter County Pearson Trophy
at Hever Castle GC    20.7.2017
Kent ( Redlibbets) beat Middlesex (Hampstead)in the first Semi final and Surrey (Coombe Hill) beat Hertfordshire (Arkley) in the second semi final.

Kent beat Surrey in the final.

Managers report will follow asap.

Kent  Redlibbets.
Surrey Coombe Hill
Middlesex   Hampstead
Hertfordshire  Arkley
Kent  Redlibbets GC
20th July 2017 at Hever Castle
Morning Semi-Finals
HERTFORDSHIRE (Arkley) v SURREY (Coombe Hill)
MIDDLESEX (Hampstead GC)  v KENT (Redlibbets)

Afternoon Final

Finals day dawned grey and wet. The weather had been forecast with a few morning showers. It was more wet than dry. However, the spirits of the players were not dampened. Players, caddies, officials and spectators were all arriving from 7am. Breakfast eaten, handicaps checked, players lists exchanged, start sheet compiled and we were away.
Paula Stack, Lady Captain at Hever Castle GC, started the semi-finals promptly at 8:30. Herts. (Barkley) had the honour against Surrey (Coomb Hill) in the first semi-final.  Middlesex (Hampstead GC) had the honour against Kent (Redlibbets GC) in the second semi-final. Arkley and Redlibbets were representing their counties for the first time.
After nine holes, Surrey was showing their strength with five matches up and two all square. In the other semi-final, it was a much closer contest. Kent up in four, Middlesex up in three. All to play for.
As the morning progressed, Surrey continued to show their strength. Match 1, a good win for Surrey's Ulrike Cooper. Second win of 7&6 to Coombe Hill Lady Captain. This was followed by a third win for Surrey's No. 3, Penny Bourne. Then the fourth win to the Surrey No.2 player, Margie Brown. The remaining three matches were called in. Commiserations to Hertfordshire.
The second semi-final continued its close fought matches. Highlight of the day, a stunning hole-in-one on the 14th by Julia Male to take the first match for Middx. 6&4. What could be better than that? This was followed by a good win by Kent's No. 4, Gill Crabb. The next win went to Middx, the next to Kent. 2 matches each by 12:30pm. It then seemed to go a bit quiet, with serious battling going on in the remaining three matches. The next win came at 1:15. A 3&1 win to Middx. Five minutes later, a win by Kent's No.7 Barbara Carpenter. 3 matches each! We had another 15 minutes to wait before the final result. Win to Kent and a place in the afternoon finals. Commiserations to Middlesex. So close!
Surrey and Herts had already had their lunch but the Middlesex and Kent teams were nail biting rather than lunching while waiting for the last three matches to finish. However, all refreshed, the afternoon finals began on schedule at 2pm with our own Chris Corke acting as starter for the afternoon finalists. At least the weather had improved and it had stopped raining.
Interestingly, for all you statisticians out there, all winners of the matches were leading at the halfway stage. Would the same be true for the afternoon results?
After nine holes, Surrey were up in four, Kent up in three matches. The first win went to Coombe Hill Lady Captain Lise Mapletoft.  After being down at the turn, Kent's No 1 Lydia Hoare turned it around and won the first match for Kent.
Match 2, Margie Brown for Surrey and Tina Earley for Kent were next through. All square after 18 holes. Kent taking the 19th. Match 3. Karen Taylor, Pearson captain for Kent, maintained her halfway position. Having been 2 up after nine, won her match 1up. 3-1 to Kent. Kent had won their first three matches. Could they make it four?
Match 4 arrived at the 18th. Penny Bourne took the second win for Surrey. 3-2 to Kent.
Match 6 arrived at the 18th hole. The pin position on the 18th hole had been causing trouble all day. Pin at the front right, green sloping down front and right. The right side sloping into a greenside bunker. Both ladies struggled to hole their putts, eventually leaving the green and proceeding towards the 19th. All square? Just then, we received the news. Kent had won match 7. Match 6 score was also agreed to be a win to Kent after a re-count of the shots on the 18th. A 5-2 win to Kent. Congratulations to Redlibbets, Kent on winning the Pearson Trophy with commiserations to Surrey, the losing finalists. The losing semi-finalists were Middlesex and Hertfordshire.
The support of the County officials was also appreciated.
From Kent, Anne Billings, County Captain; Elaine Tappin, President; and Cheryl Power, Vice Captain.
From Surrey: Rosemary Wallis, President; Sally Parrish, County Captain; Lorna Robey, Vice-Captain.
From Middlesex: Stephanie Beer, County Chairman and Angela Templeman, County Captain.
Also, the support of the other Pearson officials and spectators was appreciated. We hope that everybody enjoyed watching some excellent golf on the day.   
Eventually, the players, caddies and spectators made it to the presentation. Margaret Northcott, Chairman of the Pearson Management Committee presented certificates to all four clubs. A bottle of champagne and box of balls was presented to Julia Male for her hole-in-one. Julia kindly made a donation to the Lady Captain's charity. The runners-up salver was presented to Elaine Kim, the Pearson captain for Coombe Hill. The Pearson Trophy was presented to Karen White, Pearson captain for Redlibbets of Kent.
Thanks must go to players, caddies and spectators for making it the day it was. Chris for her photography and PM starter. Hever Castle for allowing the use of their wonderful facilities. The lady members for acting as ball spotters on the day. Paula Stack, Lady Captain, for her help before, during the day and being the morning starter. Thanks to Cheryl Power and Elaine Tappin for giving up their day to referee for us.
Special thanks must be given to a great team at Hever Castle Golf Club who looked after us so well, both in the office and out front in the bar and restaurant.
We look forward to next year's Pearson Trophy finals in Middlesex.
Juli Fayers        Kent Pearson Manager

Redlibbets win the Kent County Finals 2017
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